January 29, 2015

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Upcycled Indian Sari

The Shubrah Collection upcycles Indian sari fabrics into unique dresses and special occasion ensembles. What is an Indian Sari? It is five yards of cloth, hand loomed in traditional weaves or printed, using cotton or silk.

Each sari tells a story- about the weaver and the owner. Which village the weaver is from? When was the wooden hand block print motif made. What natural dyes were used? How many man hours did it take to make 5 yards of cloth, which is really a work of art?

The antique ones are particularly beautiful as the borders were usually made by hand using real silver or gold threads called "Zari".




There were no power looms then and no synthetic dyes. Synthetic fibers did not exist. Many of today's saris are woven on machines and the hand loom industry is dying. Shubrah salvages old saris in 100% cotton and silk from India to bridge the gap between old and new.

Shubhra Chandra
Shubhra Chandra